Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Pontoon Ride on Lake Mohawksin

When I lived here in the 1980's my husband and I would rent a pontoon once or twice each summer. We would first travel to the Kings Road Dam, where he and the kids would fish. Then we would head back to Lake Mohawksin, a 1515 acre reservoir formed by the Tomahawk Dam. The Wisconsin, Tomahawk, and Somo rivers flow into the lake. We spent the day on the pontoon, eating a picnic lunch, and stopping to visit friends who lived on one of the small islands.

One thing I looked forward to when I returned to Tomahawk was taking a pontoon ride each summer or fall. A pontoon isn't something I want to drive so I'm glad the Senior Center offers a pontoon ride each August. It's a very peaceful way to enjoy the lake and all its scenery.

Some pretty flowers at our boarding location.
Another pontoon 

If I had been driving I would not even attempt to go under this  train trestle.
We knew the retired Chicago dentist and his wife who spent summers here in the 1980's so we would visit them on their island.

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