Wednesday, April 25, 2012

First Communion, St. Mary's, Tomahawk

My granddaughter K made her first communion on Sunday at St. Mary’s in Tomahawk. It’s the same church her Mom and Uncle N made their first communion at. I was surprised it was held in April. Historically, in my memory anyway, May is the month of first communions. The weather forecast for Sunday was iffy at best but the day was reasonably sunny and in the 50’s so not too bad.

My daughter E was saying how she really doesn’t remember her first communion at all. I remember mine very vividly. I was the only Catholic in my grade so I was scheduled to make first communion alone but a girl in a nearby town had missed hers due to illness so she made hers with me.  My mother, a talented seamstress, made my dress. The May day that year was a chilly one in upstate New York. But mostly I remember the absolute awe I had at being able to receive communion. No wine back then, pre Vatican II. Of course we had to fast overnight, my greatest fear was I’d faint. I kept my eyes tightly closed during the Consecration, afraid I’d be struck dead if I opened my eyes to witness the mystery. It was a very special day. I hope my granddaughter felt the awe and will remember her first communion when she’s a grandmother.

Here are a few photos. Yes, K is very tall. She is in the back row, between the priest and seminarian. She just turned 8 y.o. Her Mom had to take her to a bridal shop to get a dress.

Communion class  of 2012
Auntie M did her hair.

Standing next to apple tree she planted a year ago
Maternal grandmother (me), paternal great grandmother 


  1. You have a mos beautiful granddaughter and she looks especially beautiful on her first communion day.

    I happened upon you from Jennifer McKinney, and it can only be a God thing that this happened at all, as I do not read, nor even like Jennifer McKinney. I am thankful for finding your blog as you have a story to tell and you tell it so well.

    I do love fiding like minded cancer survivors to share stories with. War stories aka Cancer stories.

    I would like to follow your blog if that is OK with you.

    Health. It's all relative when cancer enter the picture.


    1. Thank you so much Vegan Momma, I'm just getting started and I feel honored you want to continue reading here. Yes, cancer creates a new normal for us.