Wednesday, May 2, 2012

My New Apartment

My original plan was to move to Tomahawk when I turned 70, which is 3 years away. I love where I am now but the rent is going up this year and again next year. I simply cannot afford to continue living here. It just so happens I became aware of an apartment for rent in Tomahawk through Facebook. There were photos posted and I knew this was my apartment. It was like it had my name on it. It turns out I know the landlords, Jim and Pam Wise, from when I lived in Tomahawk in the 1980’s. They own the building, built in 1892, and have 2 stores on the first floor. Jim has the Surplus Store, where there’s hunting, hiking, skiing, snowshoeing clothes and supplies. He also rents snowshoes and cross country skis. Pam has the Silver Threads women’s boutique. She sells beautiful  clothes, including one of my favorite brands, Woolrich, along with wonderful clothes from India and other places in the Far East. She travels yearly to exotic locations to pick out fabrics. She also sells Minnetonka moccasins and shoes.

The apartment is above the Silver Threads’ side of the building. It has 2 bedrooms, one of which will be a scrapbook/craft room that, thanks to a door, my cats will not be allowed to share with me as they do now. Why do cats like to lick photographs? The floors are hardwood, which I prefer to carpets given my allergies. Jim has spent 2 years taking the walls down to the studs and redoing everything. The kitchen and bathroom are gorgeous, they really sold the apartment to me. The only thing it lacks is a balcony, which both I and the cats would like. Otherwise it’s perfect for me.

I will be living right downtown, which I like. And thankfully I’m on one of the few blocks, if not the only block downtown, without a bar. So night time should be relatively quiet.

Here are a few photos:

My apartment is above this store. The black dog on the sidewalk is Jose, a black goldendoodle, a former circus dog.

Entry hallway, very large space. I plan to use the walls for family and genealogy photos.

Jim Wise made this hutch, which is a very cool addition.

Looking from living room into kitchen and dinette space.


Bathroom sink



  1. Looks very AWESOME, Liz! you're going to LOVE it there!

  2. Love it. Wish I was moving. My Aunt & grandfather used to live in an apartment over a store in downtown Wellsboro, PA. I used to love being there. Loved the street noises after dark. This is bringing back memories from long ago.t

  3. Hi Liz! It’s good to hear that you fell in love the first time you saw the apartment that you are in now. By the way, how’s your stay here? I’m sure that you love your space very much, but how about your environment?

    -Lakia Shaffer