Monday, July 2, 2012

A Toothache

When I moved here a month ago my plan was to keep the same dentist in St. Paul since I just need cleanings every 6 months. I like my dentist there and didn't want to find a new dentist. I'm continuing with my oncologist, primary care physician, ENT, GI doc, and pulmonologist in St. Paul  so I figured I'd keep my dentist too.

But last week, when I got a mail reminder about my July dental appointment, I decided no, I don't want to drive 220 miles each way to see the dentist. The dentist I had when I lived here in the 80's is still in practice and I like him. I planned to call after the 4th for an appointment to get my teeth cleaned.

Then Sunday I started getting a toothache. It has gotten progressively worse and, of course, trying to sleep is difficult because when I lie down the throbbing gets worse. I called my old/now new dentist's office and left a message, hopefully he can see me today (Monday).

My younger son Alex and his 5 y.o. son are here for the week, with his wife and 2 y.o. son coming over on Tuesday. They are staying at my former husband's place. We are all looking forward to fun activities all week with them and my daughter's girls. So I really don't want to be going through this right now. Compared to what some of my ocular melanoma friends are going through this week, with liver metastasis just diagnosed, this is pretty insignificant. I will keep that thought in mind and try not to complain too much.

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